High School Physics Class

Course introduction

The physics department has different categories, and each category also has many different theorems or theories. Students should be familiar with all the theorems and concepts in order to be flexible. In terms of this, our high school physics specialist class will conduct inquiry experiments, design experiments, collect data, calculus and inductive conclusions in inquiry-based teaching. It will also discuss, demonstrate and explain, to enhance students' physics knowledge. 


Course content

The course consists of two parts, compulsory and elective. The elective part will be selected and studied according to the needs of the students. Compulsory part Heat and gas Force and movement fluctuation Electricity and magnetism Radiation phenomena and nuclear energy Elective part Astronomy and aerospace science Atomic world Energy and energy use Medical physics class time

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$800/4 Classes

$1400/8 Classes (Original Price: $1600)

Application Method

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