Phonics English Course

Course introduction


Establish confidence in students

reading new words

Help students write new words

Help students remember the pronunciation of new words

Reduce the burden of students'

Help students guess a similar pronunciation

Develop students' ability to study independently



Course characteristics



Master spelling skills from 3 to 9 months Up to six people per session

Professional tutor team professor Exclusive diversity of textbooks

Learning in games


Course structure


The first stage (12 lessons)

Learn 26 English alphabet tones

Learn basic writing skills

Know the words of the English alphabet


The second stage (12 lessons)

Learn 18 sets of digraph combinations

Learn blending Sound out syllable combination English word


The third stage (12 lessons)

Learn 17 sets of letters and special sound combinations

Learning links combine syllables

Reading syllable combination English words


Course content

Audio, Reading, Spelling training

Writing training Word training

Diversified teaching materials

Tracing Paper drawings

Flashcard Children's song


3D video game

Work paper

interactive game

story book


Class mode

The group teaches no more than 6 students in each group.

* There is also a one-to-one course, p


Please call for enquiry. 




First, second and third stages

640/ 4 Claases

1800/8 Classes


Tutor instructor 

Ms. Ruby CHOY

Ms. Simran GILL


Application Method

To apply, please Whatsapp

or Call  +852 3155 2688

Conrad College is a charity and not for profit. All proceeds will be donated to individuals in need.

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