Maths Comprehensive Learning and Training Course

Course Characteristics

  • Arranged according to the mathematics curriculum

  • Pre-class assessment to understand student's progress

  • Closely follow school curriculum

  • Step by step teaching

  • Teaching in accordance with student's aptitude

  • Exclusive use of textbook

  • Weekly homework 


Course Details

Module one

Suitable for primary 1 and 2 student

- learn counting, reading and writing numbers

- Understand basic additions, subtractions and calculations

- Understand 3D shapes, plane figures, lines and curves

- Establish the concept of length, distance, direction, and time

- Learn the concept of weight

- Learn basic multiplication


Module two

Suitable for primary 3 and 4 student

- Know ten thousands digits, fraction, and decimals

- Perform simple multiplication and division, and perform calculations using four arithmetic operators 

- Know the unit, and calculate the capacity

- Understand angle

- Recognize block diagram, bar chart and pictograms

- Explore factors and multiples

- Recognize quadrilateral, perimeter and area

- Understand graphic building and segmentation, symmetry


Module three

Suitable for primary 5 and 6 student

- Know multiple digits

- Apply parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, and polygon areas' formula 

- Know line, and circle

- Recognize the characteristics of cones, pyramids, cylinders, corner posts and spheres

- Understand algebra

- Establish the concept of volume

- Know the average

- Calculate simple equations

- Learn the simple probability

- Establish the concept of rate

Course Date & Time

Please arrange through call or WhatsApp

Application Method

To apply, please Whatsapp

or Call  +852 3155 2688

Conrad College is a charity and not for profit. All proceeds will be donated to individuals in need.

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