Secondary School Admission Interview Training Course

Course Introduction

This school admission interview training class is designed for primary school students who are preparing to admit to secondary school. Our courses will focus on both theory and practice. Students will also taught with answering and communication skills. We will also conduct mock interviews with students to help them apply what they have learned. Our course aims to help students master interview skills and current affairs in a short period of time,  and hence enhance their self-confidence. 


Course Details

1. Individual interview

・Self-introduction: teach students how to deliver a concise self-introduction which create a good first impression


・Q&A: help student master the answering skills of various types of questions, and train students' creative thinking and critical thinking ability


・Read articles: teach common vocabulary, pronunciation, accent, intonation, read Chinese and English articles and answer questions related to the article


・Current affair training: use local and global news to train students to analyze current affairs from multiple angles


2. Group interview

・Group discussion: learn how to interact with other interviewers and how to stand out in the group


3. Mock interview

・The instructor will be the interview examiner to assess the students so as to train students' coping skills


Course Date

one hour per session



If interested, please contact the college to make an inquiry 

Application Method

To apply, please Whatsapp

or Call  +852 3155 2688

Conrad College is a charity and not for profit. All proceeds will be donated to individuals in need.

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