integrated science

Junior Secondary Level Integrated Science Course

Course Introduction

This junior secondary level integrated science course aims to provide science-related learning experiences to Secondary 1 to Secondary 3 students to facilitate their understanding of the nature of science and the acquisition of science process skills. Coupled with a lot of exercises, students for sure can practice, develop their interest in science and can lay a foundation for their studies of various science curricula at the senior secondary level.


Course Content

Module 1

  • Introducing Science 

  • Water

  • Living Things

  • Cells, Human Reproduction and Heredity

  • Energy

  • Matter as Particles


Module 2

  • Living Things and Air

  • Making Use of Electricity

  • Common Acids and Alkalis

  • Sensing the Environment 

  • Force and Motion


Module 3

  • A Healthy Body 

  • From Atoms to Materials

  • Light, Colors and Beyond

Course Date and Time

Please arrange the date and time via call or WhatsApp

Application Method

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or Call  +852 3155 2688

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