English Speech Class

Course introduction

The College specially arranges special training camps for participants to prepare for the coming year.

Course characteristics

The instructor will guide the students to recite the skills of the article, such as emotional expression, intonation, pronunciation, accent, and so on.

Course content

Focus on pronunciation skills and strengthen confidence in communicating in English

Good English foundation, especially grammar and vocabulary

Master important phrases

Get guidance and advice from professional tutors

Use free online English learning resources in your spare time

Use additional exercises and progress tests related to the unit of study

* Regularly assess your progress through practice related to real life

Class mode

One-on-one course

One hour per section

Tutor introduction

Mr. Carlos LI

This year, Conrad College was fortunate to invite a senior English recitation instructor to help students with special training. The instructor won the championship in individual events in a number of recital festivals and was awarded a public speaking qualification by the London School of Music and Performing Arts (L A M D A).

Application Method

To apply, please Whatsapp

or Call  +852 3155 2688

Conrad College is a charity and not for profit. All proceeds will be donated to individuals in need.


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