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Digital Painting Class

Course Introduction

Digital painting is an art form that allows children to express themselves, not with words, but with paint. People without experience in art painting can also complete masterpieces in a short time. The course is taught in English, allowing children to improve their English while playing. Through digital painting, the child's ability to observe, master color and hands-on, attention and persistence is cultivated.

Course Instruction

Drawing a digital painting requires looking for numbers and corresponding pigments, colors, mastering the method of writing, and understanding the properties of the paint.


A variety of canvas size you choose

10 x 15cm - two classes 

20 x 20cm - three classes 

20 x 30cm - three classes

30 x 30cm - four classes

30 x 40cm - five classes

40 x 50cm - eight classes

50 x 50cm - eight classes

* Send a 40 x 50cm pure black frame for eight or more classes (first come, first served, while stock lasts).

Class mode

One hour per class

*Two small paintings (10 x 15cm) or one medium painting (30 x 30cm)

can be completed in about four halls.

*About eight classes to complete a large painting (40 x 50cm)

Application Method

Please WhatsApp:

or Call +852 3155 2688

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