From the exit of Tai Wo Hau MTR Station: Go to the Panda Hotel for about 300 meters. After 5 minutes from the right pedestrian bridge, you will arrive at the Haohui Commercial Center (2). Please use the elevator or stairs to the UG2 building to reach the center.


Tai Wo Hau Bus Station or Tai Wo Hau MTR Station Bus Stop:
30 31 32M 38A 40 42C 48X 57M 58M 59A 61M 67M 68A 69M 69P 73X 235 260C 265M 269M 278X 290 290A New Territories GMB Route: 49S 86A 86M 302 401 409 409S


For Drivers: The Ho Fai Commercial Centre also has a time-limited parking lot.

From Tsuen Wan MTR Station Exit B3: Go to the center of Fufeng Center for about 500 meters. After passing through Fufeng Center, Huadu Center, Suichang Center, and Haohui Commercial Center (1), you will arrive at Haohui Commercial Center (2). Please use elevator or stairs. Go to the UG2 floor and you will arrive at the center.

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