Chinese Class

Course introduction


The Chinese Class has three modules to meet the learning needs of students of different grades, to set a solid standard of language foundation for students, to strengthen Chinese learning, thinking habits, and to guide the ability of  observation and thinking.


Course structure


Unit 1 (suitable for grades 1 and 2)

The structure of the learning words (heads, shapes, words)

Word categories (nouns, quantifiers, auxiliary words, verbs, adjectives) through multiple exercises including reading stories and essays


Unit 2 (suitable for grades 3 and 4) Learning sentence structure (four-sentence sentences and six behavioral sentences)

Know related words, near words, homophones, typos Cognitive style (practical, narrative, explanatory)

Master punctuation and use words to move sentences through multiple exercises, and then write sentences and essays


Unit 3 (suitable for grades 5 and 6) Know typos, incorrect sentences, strengthen synonyms and idioms

Basic knowledge of Chinese: rhetoric Reading tips

Cognitive style (practical text, narrative, explanatory text, descriptive text, argumentative paper)

Writing skills and exercises




4 Classes HK$720

8 Classes (Special price) HK$1300 (Original price: HK$1440)


Application Method

To apply, Whatsapp

or Call  +852 3155 2688

Conrad College is a charity and not for profit. All proceeds will be donated to individuals in need.

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